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The personal experience of a UK Physician who made the move to Canada to live/work


Starting a new job is daunting for anyone. Starting a new medical job can be more overwhelming as much depends on the new role beyond a mere posting being filled, now take that job and put it in another country and you are faced with a situation comparable with reaching the peak of Mount Everest. In short something that can be un-mountable or sur-passable. 

These were my exact feelings,  I had worked in a health system in the UK which was in terms of training a world leader, yet in terms of job satisfaction and recognition by the government for the role we undertook, straggling behind the rest of the western world to be frank. Colleagues were dropping like flies, while they sought a better life and jobs overseas. Many went to sunny Australia, which for British doctors was a classical destination filled with sun, well paid and a good work life balance with a system that recognizes and respects the medical profession. 

I saw the appeal yet the distance from family just seemed to far. It is at this point that Physicians for You appeared from out of the woodwork, from a simple google search. Immediately, they connected with me after my first enquiry and from then on stood as my guide through what would have otherwise been quite an arduous and complicated journey. Canada had all the appeal, better quality of life, a higher earning, a society and a system that respected the medical profession. Canada seemed like (and still is) a country whose governments are not trying to strip the flesh off the bones from its doctors to get every last penny (cent) worth for the money it pays them. Hard work is rewarded and patients pay gratitude for the quality of care they are provided. 

Physicians for You were the ones who were able to open my eyes to the opportunities in a transparent and factual way. They never misled me nor built up any false expectations of the jobs or the communities. They gave direction both for professional matters but even from personal experience being immigrants themselves and now all living in beautiful British Columbia. The process although long is quite systematic as long as you have the know how, and Physicians for You certainly has the "know how". 

I thank you Phil and Physicians for You for getting me here and I owe some of my success for the great placement. I have now established in 4 years of arriving in Calgary, Canada. I have been able to expand my interests and teach at the faculty of family medicine and also I am involved with other medical business opportunities. What we achieve and make of any situation is down to us but having a helping hand goes a long way. Thank you Phil and your team for all your work in making a difference to my future. 


Dr Sanjeeve Sockanathan 

Family Physician & Director
Clinical Lecturer, University of Calgary School of Medicine and Faculty of Family Medicine
Board of Directors, Foothills PCN


How can I thank you? You were absolutely professional and had your human touch throughout the process of working with me to get me to Canada! You went over and beyond shall I dare say your job... Read More

Dr Ferdi Osuagwu
(Regina, Saskatchewan)

It is a pleasure to write this letter of reference for Mr Martin. I initially got to know Phil a little over a year ago as he took over my case to assist with the difficult choices and paperwork... Read More

Dr Michael Cunningham
(Lethbridge, Alberta)

I have been communicating with Phil Martins for a total of about three years now. In this period of correspondence, we have exchanged over 2000 emails. During this time I have found Phil to be very... Read More

Dr Tare Matiza
(Weyburn, Saskatchewan)

My name is Eadaoin Collins and I recently moved to Canada with the assistance of Phil Martin who was my contact throughout the process. He provided me with clear information about the process and... Read More

Dr Eadaoin Collins
(Lethbridge, Alberta)

I would like to place on record my appreciation to Phil Martin for his professionalism and individualised care taken in the entire recruitment and placement process of myself in Saskatchewan, Canada.... Read More

Dr Eleanor Francis
(Nipawin, Saskatchewan)

It is with pleasure that I can recommend as a recruiting agent. From the first contact there was frequent communication via email and phone. This all resulted in an overall good experience. He... Read More

Dr. Johan Laing
(Meadowlake, Saskatchewan)

My husband and I first started considering the possibility of immigrating to Canada in December 2011. We sent in a general inquiry to Phil Martin and received a call within the next few of... Read More

Dr Jo-lyndi van Zyl
(Cold Lake, Alberta)

It gives me immense pleasure to write this recommendation letter for Mr. Phil Martin. I started working with Mr Martin in September of 2012 while trying to get a job as a physician in Canada. I must... Read More

Dr Karan Ralhan
(Outlook, Saskatchewan)

This is letter of recommendation of the services offered by Phil Martin. Phil assisted my partner and I with regards to our recruitment to Canada. We were very happy with his services as he was very... Read More

Dr Lara Canu

Many thanks for all your assistance and guidance over the last few months, and you have been brilliant all along. Your input has been very valuable for me through out. You made the whole process easy... Read More

Dr Leo Stephen Gnanaraj
(Maidstone, Saskatchewan)

He is approachable and I felt that he made the experience a lot more personal than most of the other people I have dealt with. He called me every couple of weeks to check that all was on track and... Read More

Dr Michelle van der Westhuizen
(Lethbridge, Alberta)

We had a good trusting relationship and my emails were replied within 2 days at any time and mostly on the same day. I would always recommend him to help any doctors wishing to relocate to any... Read More

Dr Raghu Dandugula
(Turtleford, Saskatchewan)

I was looking for locum in England, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand but for months there was no vacancy. Later in 2010 I added Canada to the list of countries I wanted to work in and soon I was... Read More

Dr Selamawit Weldemichael
(Shellbrook, Saskatchewan)

I recently moved from London to work as a family physician in Alberta Canada and used Phil Martin to assist me for the duration of our relocation. He helped us with arranging all the paperwork for... Read More

Dr Siobhan Murphy
(Castor, Alberta)

Over the past year and a half I have had great pleasure in working with Mr. Martin. I would not be working as a medical doctor in Canada today, were it not for him. To this date, we have not yet met,... Read More

Dr. Tamzyn Levendall
(Melfort, Saskatchewan)

My husband and I are perhaps not the most efficient people and Phil ensured that we always kept up to date with the documents and tasks required to make our recruitment process successful. He did... Read More

Naseeba Moosa
(Humbolt, Saskatchewan)

From the very outset, Phil was absolutely amazing. He was easy-going, polite, friendly and approachable all the time; this truly facilitated our lines of communication. No matter how silly a... Read More

Dr Deshni Naidoo
(Vegreville, Alberta)

To whom it may concern. Phil Martin has excellent communication skills, responds to emails and phone calls quickly. At all times I have found him to be helpful organized and reliable. He has done an... Read More

Dr. Abdalhamid Azaghdani
(Carbonear, Newfoundland

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Phil. He has been outstanding in keeping me on track with tasks and superb in organizing meetings with potential employers. It is easy for me to say... Read More

Dr Zaher Majiet
(Lethbridge, Alberta)

I first contacted Phil on a bit of a whim inquiring about working in Canada. He was supportive without being pushy from the outset, providing lots of information and contacts regarding the initial... Read More

Dr Hannah Welsh
(Calgary, Alberta)

Phil is a dynamic recruitment consultant that knows his Job very well. He has a good communication skill, very friendly and very supportive. He understands the challenges of foreign medical graduates... Read More

Dr Olusegun Ajayi
(Edmonton, Alberta)

I am settling into the life in Canada. It is a relatively new life experience especially the weather condition. But nothing to worry about. I appreciate your help and guidance through-out the... Read More

Dr Onyekwelu Bielu
(Wainwright, Alberta)

Mr. Phil Martin guided and supported me in the entire process of relocation to Canada. They have provided detailed information about the various aspects of obtaining registration in Canada and kept... Read More

Dr Bharathi Chadive
(Regina, Saskatchewan)

We would like to place on record our heartfelt thanks and gratefulness for your support, help and guidance throughout. You have added a personal touch to the entire experience of moving to Canada. In... Read More

Dr Hyder Hussain and Dr Farah Zaidi
(Edmonton, Alberta)

For the relocation from the UK to Canada, Phil Martin helped me through the College application process and finding a potential job. This process took just under a year and during this time; Phil was... Read More

Dr Wai Lum Chu
(Edmonton, Alberta)

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to Phil who has been the utmost help from the very start. Working together with him the move from UK to Canada appears to be seamless and... Read More

Dr Vishal Vatts
(Edmonton, Alberta)

I have no hesitation in recommending Phil Martin to any Physician considering relocation overseas. Having sought advice to the feasibility of my intended relocation from the UK to Canada, I was... Read More

Dr Mark Devlin
(Calgary, Alberta)

Mr Martin was involved in providing guidance through the entire process of my move to Canada. Initially he was able to advise me with regard to job availability in Canada and make recommendations... Read More

Dr Asha Nair
(Calgary, Alberta)

Phil Martin is the critical reason that a pipe dream became reality! Setting foot to work in Canada unfortunately requires several multiple hurdles, much like gaining your medical degree again.... Read More

Dr Muninder Lotay
(Edmonton, Alberta)

It has been a tremendous experience working with Phil Martin. I did not feel at any stage that I was lacking his professional competence or advice. He worked on my case diligently and was very much... Read More

Dr Azhar Zia
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Phil Martin was very helpful with the initial guidance and signposting on required documentation that would be required / provided to the Medical council Canada, in order to be able to be licensed to... Read More

Dr Chinweuba Vincent Udoye
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Phil Martin was very helpful to me in finding the right job. He understood my situation well & the type of the job I wanted. He got me in touch with the employer with in 48 hour of our initial... Read More

Dr Nancy Aul
(Strathmore, Alberta)

You were brilliant when the CPSA were being inane in their demands for all of my previous employment records for 25 years of service in the NHS when they only keep records for 10 years, without your... Read More

Dr Andrea Williams
(Edmonton, Alberta)

It was great having Phil Martin guide me through the process of finding a job and moving to Canada. His professionalism was impressive. He took me through the whole process in a well-organized way.... Read More

Dr Nnenna Ejike
(Windsor, Ontario)

It gives me great pleasure to be writing a reference for Mr. Phil Martin. I have personally worked directly with Mr. Martin to recruit Foreign Physicians to work in our medical clinics across the... Read More

Refat Samuel
Owner of Ray Samuel Clinics (Ontario)

Phil is very professional and knowledgeable. His approach with working with the Castor Community Physician Recruitment Committee was appreciated as his sense of humor and ability to get a quick sense... Read More

Marilyn Weber
Executive Director, of Covenant Health (Alberta)

We are the Consort & District Medical Centre Society and operate in a rural community in east central Alberta. The area our Hospital and Doctors cover is very large geographically and young... Read More

Bonnie Sansregret
Owner of of Cold Lake Clinic (Alberta)

I have had the pleasure of knowing Phil Martin for about 4 years now. To date, I have recruited three physicians using his service and support. I am very comfortable with his style and conduct, and... Read More

Dr Jakkes Dekker
Owner of Cold Lake Clinic (Alberta)

For the past 18 months, we have been contracting with Phil Martin to recruit family physicians for our community hospital. Our town found itself with a 50% loss of physicians because of relocation.... Read More

Paul Vieira
Daysland Clinic Site Manager (Alberta)

From the very first time I heard Phil Martin's voice on the phone, I knew that he was a recruiter that I would enjoy working with. As a physician recruiter with my name splashed all over the... Read More

Tamara Ferraton
Physician Recruitment, Five Hills Health Region, Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan)

As Administrator for Municipal Health Holdings and the R.M. of Eldon No. 471, the Assistant Administrator and I have found it a pleasure to work with Phil Martin. In a very pleasant, outgoing and... Read More

Ken E. Reiter
Administrator for Municipal Health Holdings (Saskatchewan)

We have found Phil Martin to be both professional and timely in the recruitment process. We therefore recommend him for any of your placement needs. We have been successful and pleased with the... Read More

Dr Sam Sussman
Director Medical Affairs for Regina Physician Group (Saskatchewan)

A trend setter when it comes to medical recruitment. Extremely efficient and dependable, works round the clock to make sure job seekers and employers are very satisfied. If Professionals are paid... Read More

Dr Adelemi Adebayo
Owner of Blue Spruce Medical in Edmonton (Alberta)

As you are aware - May 2012 SIPPA has started! I had the opportunity to speak with the doctors that a part of the program on Tuesday evening at the SIPPA Welcome Celebration and I wanted to share... Read More

Brenda Taylor
Senior recruitment consultant at Saskdocs (Saskatchewan)

It is my pleasure to write to you with reference to Phil Martin. Our clinic retained his services for the purpose of recruiting family physicians and I have been working closely with him over the... Read More

Antonia Guarnaccia
Physician recruiter for Ellesmere Clinic (Ontario)

I know that the process of recruitment is long but I would encourage clinics to trust Phil Martin to come through with several excellent candidates. We are very pleased with the quality of the two... Read More

Kathy Yamashita
Owner of Legacy Medical Clinic in Lethbridge (Alberta)

Phil Martin has been a valuable resource in assisting with the attraction and recruitment of overseas Physicians who are interested in relocating to Alberta. He is knowledgeable in regard to the... Read More

Cecily Hidson
Director of Clinic Operations for Medicentres (Alberta)

I have had the privilege of working with Phil Martin since early 2014. As CEO of PrimeCARE Health, I contracted him to assist in physician recruitment. I am delighted to say that he delivered by... Read More

Dr Femi Adekeye
CEO of Primecare Health (Alberta)

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