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Walid A

Dear colleagues, I am thrilled to recommend Phil for all your doctor recruitment services. I am dealing with Phil for many years now as I have few clinics in Toronto and I highly recommend his serrvice. I am continuously impressed by his professional, respectful way of work. He always takes care of all the details through the process. I always know I could rely on him to meet deadlines and exceed my expectations. With that said, I am highly confident in my recommendation and believe that Phil would be the perfect fit.

Riaz A

It was great experience working with you. We thank you very much for arranging doctor for us on time. You walked us through it right from beginning till end. You always replied to us proomptly and explained everything in a detailed and professional way. We wish you all the best in your professional career and hope to see you in the future if we need any more doctors.

Bonnie S

We are the Consort & District Medical Centre Society and operate in a rural community in east central Alberta. The area our Hospital and Doctors cover is very large geographically and young deemographically. We contacted Phil Martin to recruit physicians for us. Phil has a good understanding of the immigration process to bring new physicians into the Province of Alberta. Because we have limited resources he was able to be our eyes and ears and do the leg work for us in other countries. Phil would send us CVs whenever he found a good fit for our community and works with us and our AHS recruiter whenever a potential recruit was selected. Earlier this spring we had a physician sign on to practice in our community thanks in large part to Phil and his services. We have engaged Phil to recruit another physician for us as well. This is a testament to how much we valued his services and the working relationship we shared.

Jakkes D

I have had the pleasure of knowing Phil Martin for about 4 years now. To date, I have recruited three physicians using his service and support. I am very comfortable with his style and conduct, annd appreciate his professional and efficient manner of doing business. Phil is the first recruiter who does not just want to recruit another physician to fill a position, but instead he is more of a professional matchmaker to our clinic and physicians. He takes great care to search for want we need, and takes into account special requests we might have around a particular vacant position. Because Phil knows most of our physicians and their personalities, he also looks at the available candidates, to find the best match for the position. He is a very welcoming person to communicate with, and prompt with updates on recruitments. I can recommend Phil to any person who needs to recruit a new physician

Paul V

For the past 18 months, we have been contracting with Phil Martin to recruit family physicians for our community hospital. Our town found itself with a 50% loss of physicians because of reloccation. How does a rural community of 800 compete with larger centers for recruitment of this scarce resource? Well we did compete successfully, thanks to the leads provided by Phil Martin. We are now back to our original complement of physicians. I was impressed with the caliber of candidates that were brought forward for consideration. He did not waste our time presenting candidates, unless they were already eligible for licensing in our province. Time is of the essence when a physician expresses interest, and Phil Martin was able to react quickly in facilitating dates for site visits. I believe that maintaining the momentum with a lead was a key success factor that resulted in offer letters being signed. Communication has been professional and timely. He served as the link with the interested physician and was able to get the responses we needed, very quickly. I strongly endorse Phil Martin for consideration as part of a community’s physician recruitment.

Adelemi A

A trend setter when it comes to medical recruitment. Extremely efficient and dependable,, works round the clock to make sure job seekers and employers are very satisfied. If Professionals are paid only for the result and value they bring to businesses Phil would be extremely wealthy!!! I'm extremely satisfied with the quality of service I received. You guys always deliver, you under promise but over deliver, that's a simple way to describe how excellent you guys are‚ÄĮin‚ÄĮwhat you do. Thanks again Phil.

Antonia G

It is my pleasure to write to you with reference to Phil Martin. Our clinic retained his services for the purpose of recruiting family physicians and I have been working closely with him over the past three years. In that time I have found Phil to be attentive and efficient. He responds quickly to requests and offers solutions and advice for any queries. He has always been professional and has a warm and personal approach to his business. The support received from Phil has always been valued. I am happy to recommend him to any company and I look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Kathy Y

I know that the process of recruitment is long but I would encourage clinics to trust Phil Martin to come through with several excellent candidates.‚ÄĮ We are very pleased with the quality of the two doctors who have just recently joined our practice from¬†Capetown, South Africa.‚ÄĮWe look forward to the third doctor joining us next year. Thank you for your work on our behalf.

Cecily H

Phil Martin has been a valuable resource in assisting with the attraction and recruitment of overseas Physicians who are interested in relocating to Alberta. He is knowledgeable in regard to the recruitment needed to practice medicine in Alberta, Canada and can educate potential Physicians accordingly. Phil bridges communications between the potential Physician and the Physician recruiter from the first point of contact to the time the Physician arrives in Alberta. This has allowed for a good working relationship with all parties involved, especially when dealing with time sensitive matters such as licensure to practice and immigration assistance. 

Marilyn W

Phil is very professional and knowledgeable. His approach with working with the Castor Community Physician Recruitment Committee was appreciated as his sense of humor and ability to get a quick sense of people and their approach to business, made working with Phil appealing and positive. Phil persevered and completed all the necessary documents for our committee to complete phone interviews and reference checks. He also encouraged us to scrutinize each potential candidate and ensure we felt we had the best Physician to match our committee needs. He also ensured the timely receipt of resumes.

When our committee wanted to meet with a potential Physician candidate and to have an opportunity to showcase our community, Phil collaborated with the Alberta Health Services (Central Zone) Physician Recruiter, ensuring this potential Physician possessed the necessary credentials required by the Alberta Medical Association and the Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons to warrant a visit. When the potential candidate signed the contract with our community, Phil again worked with the AHS recruiter ensuring immigration and other documents were in place to streamline the process for both the community and the Physician. He also kept the community abreast of the progress in all business matters.

Phil always followed up in a timely manner and wanted to know if there was further support required after our successful recruitment. His business acumen and respect for the committee members was exemplary. We never felt rushed or less important than another client and if he was going to be away he advised of his availability or referred us to an alternate contact. 

Phil continues to consistently check in for feedback and if there is any other business that he can assist us with. His personal integrity, business sense and knowledge as well as his attention to detail is appreciated, as are his positive people skills.

Femi A

I have had the privilege of working with Phil Martin since early 2014. As CEO of PrimeCARE Health, I contracted him to assist in physician recruitment. I am delighted to say that he delivered by introducing the right physicians for our various practice opportunities.

Phil simplified the process of physician recruitment and kept abreast with the regulatory changes that impact physician recruitment. I am delighted to say that PrimeCARE Health successfully placed six of the many physicians introduced to us. I am positive that PrimeCARE Healh will continue to utilize the services provided by Phil Martin as we grow our business.

Refat S

It gives me great pleasure to be writing a reference for Mr. Phil Martin.

I have personally worked directly with Mr. Martin to recruit Foreign Physicians to work in our medical clinics across the Greater Toronto Area for the last couple of years. Mr Martin is a hardworking and conscientious individual and he spared no efforts in helping us. He always returns our calls and emails 7 days a week regardless if he is at his office or out of town. He always makes sure that appointments with the Physicians are confirmed and he follows up to get the feedback of the interviews.

Mr. Martin is competent and caring with his work. I have received a lot of complements from co-workers and the recruited Physicians. I am certain that Mr Martin will be a great asset and sound member in the success of any team he will work with in the future.

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