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Hi, my name is Chrislyn and I am Recruitment Support here at Physicians For You. I’m originally from the tropical islands of Cebu, Philippines, and have very recently moved to the beautiful land of Canada. I am currently residing in Kitchener, Ontario.

Back where I grew up is very different from Canada. We never really get to experience the four seasons. This is truly one of the reasons why it has always been my lifelong dream to live in a country where I get to savor and enjoy every season as it comes. I’ve always loved to travel and explore different cultures, and being new here gives me the opportunity to take in everything that Canada has to offer with fresh eyes, and I am so excited. Personally, I have a bucket list of all the places I want to travel to in the coming months and years! I can genuinely say that moving here is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It truly is a land of new beginnings and a welcome place for immigrants. I love how diverse the society and cultures are. Canada has become a melting pot where people from different cultures can thrive.

I have various interests including reading, painting, cooking, photography and exploring the great outdoors. All of these by which I am able to maximize and truly enjoy during my free time. I love the laidback culture and how this country values and gives importance to work-life balance.

Professionally, I have over 7 years of experience as Recruitment Administration specializing in medical recruitment working remotely for various companies in Sydney, Australia. Throughout my time in this industry, I was able to achieve a level of excellence in my work and gained valuable skills and experience. I believe that having the opportunity to work at Physicians for You is truly a blessing. My professional goal is to leverage my skills and experience to match physicians with the most suitable job available for them across Canada. Being new to Canada myself, I consider it my duty to make the transition for all our physicians as seamless as possible.

Top 5 reasons why I love living in Canada

Quality of life

Beautiful scenery to travel anywhere

Diverse society and cultural environment

4 seasons to enjoy

People - Most kind and polite and has a welcoming attitude

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