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B.C. Targets U.K. Physicians with Double Salaries


There is a major doctor shortage in British Columbia. Intensive immigration, urbanization, and general population ageing create a higher demand for physicians and medical experts than the Canadian system is able to produce, and the Government of BC is trying to fulfil it. A few incentives and programs were introduced in recent years, but BC is still struggling to keep up with this growing demand. The last step is bringing doctors from abroad.

There are only a handful of countries in the world from which a doctor's license is accepted in Canada, and one of these countries is the United Kingdom. While other provinces have taken steps to reduce barriers to UK doctors and create a more streamlined process to live and work in Canada, BC is still lagging behind.

Since the beginning of 2024, the Government of BC has launched an official campaign in the UK - now doctors are exposed to the idea of working in Canada, with the advertising signs appearing on buses in Glasgow and on London's underground transportation called The Tube. After a little research, UK physicians and GPs can learn that their salaries in Canada are double what they currently earn in the UK, and that is just the initial perk they get after making the move to Canada.

These ads come amidst strikes by UK doctors demanding better pay and working conditions.

Read an interview with Phil Martin, CEO of Physicians for You, given to the Vancouver Sun at the end of February. In this interview, Phil highlights the challenges that are awaiting internationally trained doctors while coming to Canada, especially in the province of British Columbia.

Access the full interview here:

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