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B.C. Targets U.K. Physicians with Double Salaries

There is a major doctor shortage in British Columbia. Intensive immigration, urbanization, and general population ageing create a higher demand for physicians and medical experts than the Canadian system is able to produce, and the Government of BC is trying to fulfil it. A few incentives and programs were introduced in recent years, but BC is stil...

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Global BC Interview Transcript

With Mike Smyth, Audio Transcript Mike: Short of everybody here, we certainly need more doctors. Let's discuss it now with my guest, Phil Martin. Phil is the CEO of a physician recruitment company. It's called Physicians for You, and I'm very pleased to welcome him. Phil, thanks a lot for coming on today. Phil:Abso...

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Interview with David Common, Toronto’s CBC Metro Morning host

Audio Transcript David: Let's turn now to the announcement on Friday, the federal government giving Ontario $3.1 billion in healthcare funding amid staffing shortages. Part of the agreement says that Ontario has to create new primary healthcare teams. That includes family doctors, nurses, n...

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British doctors seek jobs abroad amid discontent over NHS pay

Audio Transcript Kristen Schwab:This is Marketplace, I'm Kristen Schwab. The number of workers in the US that went on strike in 2023 more than doubled from the year before. That's according to a report from the Labor Action Tracker, a collaboration from researchers at Cornell and the University of Illinois. And we're n...

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