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 Physicians for You specialise in helping those seeking work within the Canadian Medical Industry, as well as helping medical specialists find the right candidates for their available job roles. We work with health authorities, hospitals and private clinics all over Canada, to ensure that medical talents are being put to use. We're there for you, whether you're job seeking or looking to recruit.

For Businesses

Get the right person for the position with Physicians for You, through our intuitive online systems, you'll be able to post jobs and list the specific requirements. Instead of wasting your time posting job listings and waiting for a response, we'll find those who match up with what you're looking for and get the job to them through our website, social media platforms and regular newsletters. We'll work with you closely, consulting with you to make sure that all the jobs that are in your business get the spotlight they deserve.

For the Individual

We at Physicians for You have a wide database of jobs for you to search from. You'll be able to filter by keywords, such as locations and particular medical fields. Whether you're looking for an entry level job, to start off your medical career, or are looking for a change of workplace, our dedicated team will work with you as an individual to help you find what you're looking for, and get your application sent to the right person.

Find out why so many choose us, both businesses and job seekers. Simply get in touch with us by giving us a ring on: +1 778 475 7995 for our mobile, call +1 778 930 0265
Or alternatively, fill out the provided form on our website and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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