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Physicians in Canadian History - Dr. Gustave Gingras

Dr. Gustave Gingras is one of the greatest names in Canadian medicine history. What he has done for the advancement and quality of life of persons with disabilities during his lifetime is inspiring. During his medical career, he became known as the ambassador for persons with disabilities in Canada and around the world.  He was a pioneer in th...

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Physicians in Canadian History - Dr. Lucille Teasdale

Dr. Lucille Teasdale became one of Quebec's and Canada's first female surgeons in 1960. An incredibly accomplished female surgeon and humanitarian, Dr. Teasdale is one of our Canadian medical pioneers and heroes.  By 1961, she found herself in Lacor, Uganda, after accepting an offer from Dr. Piero Corti to help run a clinic that desperately ne...

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Physicians in Canadian History - Dr. Wilder Penfield

One of Canada's foremost neurosurgeons, Dr. Wilder Penfield is known for the development of a surgical treatment for epilepsy known as the " Montreal Procedure", and the maps of the sensory and motor sections of the brain created from this technique are still used today. The famous, " I smell burnt toast!" comes from his surgical discovery, and is ...

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Physicians in Canadian History - Sir Frederick Banting

Sir Frederick Banting is most known for the incredible discovery of insulin, one of the most important medical breakthroughs of the twentieth century, for which he jointly received the Nobel Prize along with Dr. J.J.R. Macleod. He was the youngest man to receive the Nobel Prize in medicine. Sir Frederick Banting's discovery came after his hypothesi...

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Pioneers in Canadian Medical History

In honour of Canada Day, we are featuring a 6-part series highlighting our most notable pioneer physicians in Canadian Medical History over the coming weeks. Our series will feature the trailblazing Dr. Emily Howard Stowe, Sir William Osler, Sir Frederick Banting, Dr. Wilder Penfield, Dr. Gustave Gingras, and ...

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Physicians in Canadian History - Sir William Osler

Sir William Osler is known as the Father of Modern Medicine. He was a charismatic physician, professor, speaker and author, and by the time of his death, he was one of the most influential and best-loved physicians in the English speaking world. He obtained his medical degree at McGill University, and served as a member of the McGill Medical Facult...

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Physicians in Canadian History - Dr. Emily Howard Stowe

A true pioneer in Canadian medical history, as well as Canadian women's rights history, Dr Emily Howard Stowe is the first feature in our 6 part series honouring notable Canadian physicians. In fact, this feature highlights three trailblazing women in medical history in Canada, with Dr. Emily Howard Stowe at the forefront. Dr. Emily Howard Stowe ha...

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