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Hello, my name is Ruth and I was born and raised in Ireland. My dream from the time I was a little girl was to come to Canada and live in the mountains. I grew up skiing and loved the snow-capped mountains and lakes. After working in France and Switzerland, I was invited to work in Canada on a one-year holiday visa. My first location choice was the beautiful Lake Louise, Alberta. It was the place that I had seen pictures of and knew it was where I wanted to be. Life had other plans and I was offered a position at a mountain resort in British Columbia.

When I arrived in Vancouver it was different from the small village in Ireland I grew up in but the people where so friendly and inviting, I felt welcome. I then fell in love with the champagne powder snow, the crisp fresh winters and the warm summers with the lakes, vineyards, and fruits of the Okanagan Valley. What started out as a one year working holiday turned into 10 years as a marketing and events coordinator for the ski resort. I’ve now bought my first house in the sunny Okanagan with views of the lakes and mountains, am a Canadian citizen, and couldn’t be happier. My family in Ireland loves visiting me here!

Joining the Physicians for You team as Recruitment Support has been such a great fit with my professional background, personal experience, and love of working with people. I understand the rewards and the challenges of setting up a life in a new country and have many years of experience in different fields assisting clients work towards their dreams and goals. I am excited to have joined this amazing and knowledgeable team to assist in providing the best support to our doctors and their families, clinics, hospitals, and health services.

Whether you’re a physician changing roles locally, across provinces, or moving to Canada from abroad, I welcome the opportunity to help you.

Top 5 reasons why I love living in Canada

Beautiful landscapes of mountains, prairies, vineyards, orchards, and lakes

Observing incredible wildlife in their natural habitat

So many provinces that all offer something unique. All on my bucket list!

Welcoming and friendly faces to all that come here

Canadian hockey and all the excitement of the sport

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