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Hello, I am Hedaya Martin and together my husband Phil and I work side by side, building and growing our dream company – Physicians for You. I am Canadian born and raised and have had the fortune of living in a few Canadian cities and provinces over the years, as well as Egypt and the UK with Phil.

I like to keep operations here running smoothly, developing advertising and promotion, website and media content, and general day today demands of a busy and evolving company. Outside of work, I love playing squash and tennis, being outdoors and spending time with family. I also enjoy being a part of my community and have been using my Arabic language skills to assist with settling families from other countries.

I have a business and hospitality background and together, Phil and I are nurturing and growing the most exciting Physician Recruitment company in Canada with the utmost integrity, attention to detail, and outstanding customer service. We have an incredible team and we all look forward to working with you, now or in the future. 

Top 5 reasons why I love living in Canada

Gracious People

Inclusive Culture

Environment conscious

Love of the outdoors

Lakes anywhere you are in the country

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