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Elections 2019 and Healthcare


Ahead of the 2019 Canadian Federal Election, healthcare is one of the top three issues on the minds of Canadians, along with cost of living and climate change concerns. As leading parties continue to make their intentions clear, here are some of the medical community's efforts to make votes count on the important topic of health care. 

The College of Family Physicians and Surgeons (CFPC) recently commissioned an Ipsos poll to gain insight on what health matters were of most concern in Canada ahead of the 2019 Federal Election. The CFPC has an active election site, and will be releasing a series of election resources this fall, including a summary of political party heath care platforms and commitments. It will also include advocacy tools for participants. 

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is playing its part with their Health Advocates program. Canadians and their physicians can join to speak up together to make health care a top priority to all candidates and federal election parties. CMA top priority issues for this election include supporting seniors and caregivers, access to care, and virtual care. 

Federal elections are bound to bring a number of opportunities for change, and as healthcare is on the minds of many Canadians across the country, the information gathering of concerns that is taking place will no doubt continue to shape this election and future health care association agendas with continued efforts to stay focused on issues that are important to Canadians.

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