Dr. Hatem Naal's Journey of Immigrating & Working as a Family Physician in Canada

Today we are taking a closer look at the journey of Dr. Hatem Naal, a qualified UK GP. After starting his training in Libya, Dr. Naal moved to the UK in 2013 with his family to complete his GP training and became a fully qualified GP who holds MRCGP certification.

Dr. Naal came to Canada with his wife and three children with the help of Physicians for You, who he discovered online. His journey to Canada was made easier by the Physicians for You team and their resources, which were incredibly helpful in guiding him through the process of becoming a family physician in Canada.

Dr. Naal was impressed with the level of support he received from the team. Whenever he needed something, he could reach out via WhatsApp or email and the information he received was always helpful with clear guidance.

During the recruitment process, he was asked about his preferred location for work, and when he shared his desired area, he was offered different practice opportunities to consider. Virtual interviews with the practices allowed him to choose the right clinic for himself.

Dr. Hatem Naal's journey to becoming a family physician in Canada with the help of the Physicians for You team allowed him to be able to make the transition smoothly and efficiently, saving time and money. Dr. Naal would absolutely recommend Physicians for you to other family physicians looking to work as a GP in Canada.

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